Grilled Peaches with Greek Yogurt, Honey and Walnuts #SummerDesserts

I'm so excited to share my first #SummerDesserts post with you today! I'm going to be posting a series of 3 summer desserts over the next week that feature 3 of my favourite summer fruits. Summer desserts should be fun, light and sweet, and they should showcase summer's freshest ingredients. This grilled peach dessert is all that and more! It's a simple treat that's perfect for summer in every way: it's super sweet and refreshing and it won't compromise your healthy eating because it's made with all-natural ingredients like fresh fruit, honey and fat-free Greek yogurt!

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You'll need:

2 fresh ripe peaches
1 cup fat-free Greek yogurt
2 tsp honey
2 tsp finely chopped walnuts

To make:

Preheat your barbecue or grill and set it to the lowest heat setting. While the grill is preheating prepare the peaches by washing them and cutting them in half, removing the pits.

Place the peaches on the grill gently, flesh-side down. 

Watch the peaches carefully for about 5 minutes and remove them from the grill when you see the edges of the skin start to char just slightly. By the time this happens, you'll also be able to touch the skin of the peach and feel that the fruit underneath has softened with the heat.

Remove the peach halves from the grill and let them rest on a plate for a few minutes while you spoon 1 cup of fat-free Greek yogurt into two bowls (1/2 cup in each). Rest two peach halves on top of each serving of yogurt and drizzle 1 tsp of honey over each serving. Top each dessert with 1 tsp chopped walnuts, and you're ready to serve!

As you can see, the warm peaches immediately begin to release their juices and together with the honey this forms a beautiful sauce. The walnuts add even more flavour and texture to this dish, making it an irresistible and healthy summer treat!

This dessert is perfect for anyone counting calories or watching their weight this summer because one serving is only 3 Weight Watchers PointsPlus! And it packs about 10 grams of protein along with natural sugars and healthy fats so you'll feel satisfied and glad that you made a healthy choice!

I hope you enjoy this one! Let me know if you give it a try!

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  1. Dear Christina - this looks absolutely delicious. I was just down south and had some of the most delicious peaches ever. They would be perfect for your recipe! It's such a pretty fruit dessert!

  2. I know you call this a dessert, but can I eat this for breakfast? I'm not sure I want to wait all the way until dessert time!

    1. Go for it! I've eaten it mid-morning :)

  3. I would eat this for breakfast!! Yummy!!

    1. You could definitely do that Gloria! :)

  4. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share


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